Nigeria education is such that it has for decades now, produced specialists in almost every sphere of life. Though poorly funded, the private sectors in this industry, philanthropists and some corporate individual have taken up the challenges in bringing standard to the Nigeria education system. The Ajaokuta staff comprehensive secondary school which was founded in October 10, 1983 owned and managed by the Ajaokuta Steel Company Ltd, a federal government company, have contributed immensely to the Nigeria education. In terms of infrastructures,modern learning materials and most importantly qualified and well trained teachers in various fields.

The school which was born out of the desire by the management of the company, in providing qualitative education for the children of staff of the company and to ease the burdens parents are encountering in sending their children to far distance schools, all in the bid to give their children good education.Part of the success story of the school cannot be told without the founding principals like; Mr S.A.Ezenwuba, Rev. N.E. Ajayi,Mrs T.M. Awotoye, Mr O.O.Bajeh and Mr F.E.

Ordiah who saw the need to maintain an international best practice and standard in the educational sector,and the selfless services rendered by teachers and none teachers of the institution, who are all out to make positive impacts inthe lives of their students.The school which use to be a mixture of the whites and blacks, who came from different parts of the world, for the construction of the steel plants, mostly the Indians, Russians, France and Germans. Life then in the steel tertiary was fun as these immigrants is without their culture to show case to the people of Africa and vise-visa

In the early 80’s while the company was under construction the Ajaokuta staff comprehensive secondary school has been planted on a solid foundation which brought in awards as best in school in Kogi State from various competitions and outcome of WAEC results which has earned it the name it has today.

Graduates of the staff comprehensive secondary school Ajaokuta are doing excellently well in every spheres of life, e.g. medical, law, pharmacy, and engineering.

The standard is such that they compete favourably with international best practice in education.The graduates of this institution have participated in both local and international educational competitions and in all won the best prizes.

A science, technical and art based institution is proud to have produced notable figures occupying various positions in Nigeria government and diaspora, in the business cycle and science and technology industries.

The school, which will be marking their 35 year anniversary come October 10 2018, the alumnus of the institution are leaving no stone untouched in making sure the event remains a remarkable week to all their alumni.

It’s hoped that during the events friends who have lost contact during the secondary school days will have a time of reunion and dine together.The school alumnus is also expected to lay foundation for developmental projects and raise funds to help in the development of the school and adding beauty.

Record has it that all the principals of the institution right from inception have been proven men and women of integrity and disciplinarians who has impacted on their students.

The newly appointed sole administrator who is working tirelessly day and night to making sure that the plant is back into full operation has assured the alumnus of the school that the government is out to make sure the plant is fully completed

This will surely create a better and enabling environment or atmosphere and impact positively on the output (products) of the school in future.

The current principle of the school Mr. Philip Igbiunadion assured the alumni of his readiness for the forthcoming anniversary and stressed that all the past principles of the school have been fully informed with great assurance they will be present on the event D day.