; ; ; The Journey So Far

Working in the media industry is one of the most exciting journeys in my lifes endeavors. When I look back on how it all started I am ever filled with joy with gratitude to God almighty and give great thanks to the management and Staff of The Phoenix Newspaper whom have allowed God to use them in this journey so far.

Having been in the photographic industry from a young age up until University level in both my first and second degree. I then realized that media is the pathway to go, considering the facts that God was helping me, I was not a burden to my parents whom have a slim source of income considering how many of us are in the family, with great consideration to African culture, hence the need to struggle at a very young age in order to survive.

Being determined to be well educated I had no other choice than hard work with focus to God almighty. It was in these journeys that I found my way out of the county for a better education, where I was privileged to complete my second degree with the University of East London; it was during my study period here that I encountered The Phoenix Newspaper UK.

I showed interest in their line of business and I was given a little assignment which kept my feet unstable at that time, because I assumed I could but with no knowledge struggled. All the same I was later made to understand that I could do better, this great encouragement was the pitching ground for me today in the print media industry.

After my return to Nigeria at the end of my program I continued with The Phoenix Newspaper as a correspondent from where I began to develop my writing skills and subsequently took part in the launch of the sister paper called Phoenix Nigeria, which attracted the Ooni of Ile Ife to the United Kingdom for the launch, and Rev Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi, who facilitated the event.

The launch of Phoenix Nigeria, which coincided with the seventh anniversary of The Phoenix Newspaper saw great dignitaries from all walks of life both within and outside the UK, with representatives of the Queen in attendance.

The journey has been full of excitement with an increase in readership globally, and this time around the management of the Phoenix Newspaper have deemed it wise to rename the magazine as Phoenix Africa, the reason being that it would then be a platform where all breaking news and the good things in Africa will be showcased for the world to see and discover the beauty of the African continent.  

We look with much expectation that a new dawn is birthed in the media industry, which is set to roll out all that the world need to discover in Africa. The Phoenix, known for positive information will continue as a channel for positivity. Our African teams are set to continue work come January 2021.             


BY: Emeka Alex Akwaeze