; ; ; Adoption in Nigeria

The Child's Right Act,The Child's Right Act,2003 provides for adoption of a child in Nigeria. An application for adoption is made to the High (Family) Court accompanied with the following documents;(a) Where the applicantis a married couple, their marriage certificate or a sworn declaration of marriage;(b) The birth certificate or sworn declarationof age of each applicant;(c) 2 passport photographs ofeach applicant; (d) A medical certificate of the fitness of the applicant from a Government hospital; and (e) Such other documents, requirements and information as the Court may require for the purposes of the adoption.In practice, the Court prefers that an applicant must have fulfilled the condition precedent at the Child Welfare Department and obtain areport stating that the applicant isa proper person to adopt the child.

The report would a company the application for adoption. On receipt of an application for adoption, the Court will then order an investigation to be conducted by child development officers or a super vision officer or such other persons as the Court may determine, toenable the Court to assess the suitability of the applicant as an adopter and of the child to be adopted.In reaching a decision relating to the adoption of a child, the Court have regard to all the circumstances,first consideration being given to the need to safeguard and promote the welfare and the best interest of the child throughout the childhood of that child and ascertaining,as far as practicable, the wishes and feelings of the child regarding the decision and giving due consideration to those wishes and feelings, having regard to the age and understanding of the child.