; ; ; Global outcry against rape


By: Emeka Alex Akwaeze

The increase in the report of rape activities globally is a call for global efforts to fight against such acts towards fellow mankind. We must all stand up against this menace in other to eradicate rape out of the world system.

The rapist, do not just end in raping our young girls but taking away their lives after their evil acts. I believe that the time has come when all African leaders will rise up with one voice to enact laws which will fall on perpetrator of these demonic acts.

Our law enforcement agencies should step up with their call to serve and leave up to expectation; we cannot continue to see our young girls and lady go into trauma that sometimes ends up in taking their lives.

It is on this note that the human right watch call for a stiffer punishment for this agent of darkness, considering the daily increase in rape cases in almost every corner of the African nation. We must all stand up and say no to the sexual assaults and violence against our women and girls.

The occurrence of these evil men has grown to the extent that the perpetrators has no boundary where they carry out their evil acts, honestly they no longer have the fear of God, that is why after raping their victims they also make sure they take their lives, maybe for fear of identification, they also have no boundary as they can carry out their acts even in the house of God.

Of recent a 100 level university student was raped and killed right inside the church in Benin City Nigeria. The young victim who was just 23 years, identified as Vera Omozuwa was a student of microbiology; she died days after the incident occurred. Her death spark up a national uproar round the country, with a call for the law enforcement agency to find the perpetrator where ever they are hiding.

It is my believe that if African leaders do not stand up for it’s citizenry, the present situation will one day get offhand putting the lives of our young girls and ladies who are the futures of tomorrow in danger at all times.

Our leaders must enact law that will serve as deterrent to the perpetrators considering the facts that hardly a day passes without report of a rape case. Recently at every headline of most Nigeria media on a daily basis, what you see is sexual molestation, which to me is a wakeup call that requires drastic action that will deters these criminals to save the lives of these our dear ones.

"Rape is like cancer, it has no respect for age, sex or race. It starts from a spot and then gradually spreads to the entire body system," says Julie Mogbo, an activist, also known as The Family Bond Nurse. "While spreading, it steals a victor's pleasurable desires, purposeful drive and prospective dreams and in many cases, life. It causes one to start questioning their beliefs and reasons for existence."

"Without any invitation, a feeling of worthlessness creeps in. Rape is like a song track placed in repeat mode: the incidence keeps on happening long after it has happened. With each replay, the hands and the words turn to blades cutting and creating an indelible scar long after tissue healing may have taken place."

It’s time for our African leaders to make sure that laws that have been enacted to curtail this menace of rape are judiciously monitored to make sure they are fully implemented to the fullest, culprits should henceforth not be handled slightly and relatives of victims should desist from covering the case when it occurs.